CFD simulations for data centres

  • Quick insights at an early stage
  • Rack intake temperatures
  • Insight into pressure and backflow
  • Prevent hotspots
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Prevent and resolve cooling issues
  • Energy consumption analysis
  • Prevent short circuiting
  • Optimize free cooling
  • ASHRAE compliant design

During the development and operation of data centres we support designers, contractors and operators using advanced CFD simulations. These simulations provide insight into the performance of the cooling systems of data halls and technical rooms, but can also calculate how equipment located externally can (negatively) affect each other.

What do we offer?

Thanks to our extensive experience and advanced software and hardware, we deliver CFD analyses for data centres in a short timeframe. The performance of equipment both inside and outside the data centre can be investigated. This allows for a thorough design check and optimization prior to construction. Problems that might have been overlooked will not arise after construction and an optimal performance of the data centre is assured. A CFD simulation indicates whether hot spots or short circuiting of air are present, which could negatively affect the cooling effectiveness. In addition, the simulations can be used to minimize the energy consumption of the data centre during its entire lifespan.

Feel free to contact us so we can share our knowledge and experience with you, preferably at an early stage. By involving us during the design stage, the added value of CFD simulations is optimally utilized.

Your data centre in a digital test environment
Data room

Analysis of:
- Data hall temperature distribution
- Rack intake temperatures
- Data hall air speeds
- Data hall pressure distribution
- Leakage of hot air to cold aisle

External equipment

Analysis of:
- Temperature near equipment
- Air flow surrounding the data centre
- Humidity near equipment
- Short circuiting between (cooling) equipment
- Properties of intake air, such as temperature, pressure or humidity

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