Second opinion

A CFD simulation is a highly detailed calculation method for which many well-considered assumptions are made. Each assumption affects the outcome. The results of a CFD simulation are usually presented in reports. However, these reports do not always contain all details of the simulation or the reader lacks the knowledge to fully judge it. As a result, a CFD simulation is sometimes considered as a black box and there is sometimes skepticism.

We can review a CFD simulation or the provided report for you. This can be done on three levels:

1. Free first impression, where we briefly give our opinion by telephone and whether we think a further review is necessary.

2. Short review in a note, where we give an official response to a performed CFD simulation. We may not be able to properly assess the simulation based on the available data or documents, then we will request additional information or label it as not able to be assessed.

3. In-depth assessment, in which we may even re-run (parts of) the simulation with our own software.

Would you like to request a second opinion (without obligation)?