Product development

Product development using CFD is a rapidly growing market, it helps reducing prototyping cost and improving products much quicker.

Shape optimization

Optimizing the aero or hydrodynamics of a product is a common application of CFD simulations. With the use of automated shape optimization techniques in combination with CFD it is possible to realize an optimal design quickly and cost effectively. Whether it concerns (parts of) a racing car, the blades of a turbine or the design of a radiator, shape optimization can help you find the optimal shape of your product. For example, do you want to increase the lift/drag ratio, reduce the forces on your design or improve flow in your duct or pipeline? Then CFD simulations and our expertise are of added value.

Visit our blog to see how we used automated optimisation and morphing techniques for a ship hull.

Flow and heat transfer

Products like computer components, heat exchangers, cooling systems etc. can benefit from CFD modelling to improve aspects of designs that leads to better performance. With years of expertise on flow and heat transfer related problems, we can help you design the product better.

Design of components and rotating equipment

When designing rotating equipment such as fans, pumps, turbines, etc. or components such as valves, ducts and pipes, CFD is an ideal tool to analyze performance in detail. CFD simulations can provide a complete understanding of the flow inside such equipment and uncovers potential problems. It prevents the use of expensive prototypes and design errors can be solved at an early stage.

CFD R&D support

Are you designing a product involving flow and/or heat transfer? We are independent and support everyone, from start-ups to (medium) large organizations, with CFD simulations and advice. Possible shortcomings are identified in an early stage to save on prototyping and testing. With our support, your product will be designed faster and better. We work closely together with you, understand your problem and help you find possible solutions, see example here.