Wind comfort analysis with CFD

During various stages of the design and construction of high-rise developments, we assist architects, project developers, consultancies and approving bodies by investigating wind nuisance and wind danger. Due to our short delivery times we can quickly provide insight in the wind climate during all design phases. Obviously, the wind climate can also be investigated for existing buildings.

  • Lawson criteria/NEN 8100
  • Wind climate for sitting and walking
  • Pedestrian wind comfort
  • Comparison between old and new situation
  • Wind nuisance and wind danger
  • Wind climate near entrances/rooftop terraces/balconies
  • Wind climate optimization
  • Comply with local policies
  • Measures against wind nuisance/danger
  • Canopies/barriers/vegetation/lamellae

Require a wind comfort analysis

Why choose us for a CFD simulation?

Thanks to our extensive experience and highly professional soft- and hardware, we can execute high-quality wind comfort analysis in a short period of time. We can analyze the wind climate during every design phase. Additionally, a wind climate comparison of a current situation and the new development can be made. This can demonstrate that neighboring residents are not negatively affected by the new development. We can support in discussions with the approving bodies or in optimizing/improving the wind climate (e.g. strategically placing barriers, lamellae or vegetation). Feel free to contact us at an early stage so that we can share our knowledge and experience with you. Below you can download a sample report to see how we describe our research and what can be included with a building permit.

Your development in a digital wind tunnel
High level of detail for a realistic result
Visualizing airflow at every location in your development
Wind comfort visualized according to NEN8100 or Lawson criteria

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