It is a challenge to meet both the strict power consumption and performance requirements.


Design support for both pollution and smoke control ventilation according to international codes.

Wind and Weather

Effect of wind, rain, solar irradiation on structures, persons and systems.


Hull optimization, dynamic motion response, propeller design, green water, offshore wind turbines, jack up rigs, exhaust fumes, etc.

Cooling Efficiency

Cooling equipment close to each other can negatively affect the performance due to short circuiting.

Process Industry

Health, safety and perfromance of complete plants or components by CFD studies.

Product Development

Rapid prototyping in virtual environment, full control of boundary conditions for perfect comparison.

Closed Car Park

Verify and optimize your ventilation design according NFPA, BS, CEN, QCD, NBN, NEN, etc.


Multi phase CFD simulation to research the effect and performance of a sprinkler or watermist system.


Improve indoor climate experience of visitors. Assessment of Velocity, Temperature, PMV, PPD, Draught Rate, etc.


Analyse the RSET (Required Save Evacuation Time) for different scenario's. Identify bottlenecks and optimize routing.

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